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Prospectives is an open-access online journal dedicated to the promotion of innovative historical, theoretical and design research around architectural computation, automation and fabrication technologies published by B–Pro at The Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL.

It brings the most exciting, cutting-edge exploration and research in this area onto a global stage. It also aims to generate cross-industry and cross-disciplinary dialogue, exchange and debate about the future of computational architectural design and theoretical research, linking academic research with practice and industry. Featuring emerging talent as well as establish scholars, Prospectives aims to unravel traditional hierarchies and boundaries of architectural publishing.

The Bartlett supports a rich stream of theoretical and applied research in computational design, theory and fabrication. We are proud to be leading this initiative via an innovative, flexible and agile website. Computation has changed the way we practice, and the theoretical constructs we use – as well as the way we publish.

How do I read Prospectives?

Prospectives is a multiplicitous platform; how you engage with it is largely up to you.

Use the tags to generate your own unique issue or read individual articles. Or you can choose to read an issue selected by our guest curators, publish your self-generated issue for other readers to view, or suggest tags to be adopted by authors.*

* feature coming soon

How can I get PDFs of your content?

We recognise that most readers arrive at online journals for the 1 or 2 articles they want to read. So, at Prospectives, you can read all content online for free.

If you want to download a large amount of articles or an entire issue, we have tiered payment options available. If paying in smaller amounts seems complicated, subscribing is an option, too. With a subscription you receive 2 guest curated issues per year straight to your inbox.

Why do we ask for some payment? Well, running an online journal costs money. Payments for large downloads of articles help us fund for maintenance of the website, including ongoing development work that will make Prospectives even better!

And most importantly, it allows us to invest in the people we publish and in our team. Because of you dear Reader, we hope to soon be able to offer payments to our authors and Advisory Board members.

How do I contribute?

Calls for contributions around a theme set by our Advisory Board will be published in spring and autumn. If you have an idea for an issue, don’t be shy. Email us.


Mollie Claypool, Managing Editor

The Bartlett School of Architecture
University College London
22 Gordon Street
London, United Kingdom

Advisory Board

We are now seeking Advisory Board applications from researchers and designers from around the world interested in collaborating on the future of Prospectives. If you’re the right person to be involved, we can find the right role and time commitment for you.

Prospectives Advisory Board will be representative of ongoing work at The Bartlett towards an equitable, inclusive and diverse architectural field. We encourage applications from a diverse cohort of students, early career academics and professionals, as well as established members of the discipline.

We are actively seeking applicants who are female and/or from an ethnic minority background. Applications will remain open until we have a diverse and equitable cohort of advisory board members.

If you are interested in joining our Advisory Board, feel free to send an email to Mollie Claypool, Managing Editor at

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This project has been generously supported by Architecture Projects Fund, The Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London.

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Issue 1: Mereologies Guest Curator: Daniel Koehler

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